Appraisal Committee: Local Property Appraisers are invited to join the Appraisal committee to network with peers and assist in educating others on the appraisal business and process.

Chair: Kevin Coleman

Budget & Finance Committee: This committee develops the Association's budget and keeps track of the Association's financial situation. Meets when appointed by the current Pesacola Association of REALTORS®, Inc. President.

Chair: Kimberly Gettle

Business Partners Committee: This committee monitors the various programs of the Association (Membership, Communications and Professional Development Committee) for the purpose of offering support both financially, through sponsorships and physically. Meets quarterly.

Chair: Shellie Isakson

Vice Chair: Kimberly Anderson

Community Relations Committee: This committee has the responsibility of establishing a liaison with local government and community organizations. They encourage an active role in community involvement and strive to maintain a good public image in the community. Meets monthly as needed.

Chair: Thomas Leemon

Vice Chair: Kim Alexander

Equal Housing Liaison to the Professional Development Committee

Chair: Diane Toepfer

Governmental Affairs Committee: This committee provides general oversight of all legislative and political involvement at local, state and national levels. Meets monthly.

Chair: Grey Burge

Vice Chair: Dan Gullahorn

Grievance Committee: This committee reviews all complaints from members and the public concerning alleged violations of the Code of Ethics and/or requests for arbitration. The is the pre-requisite for service on the Professional Standards Committee and requires an appointment by the President. Meets monthly.

Chair: Janet Moore

Vice Chair: Tanner Cribb

LEAD Committee: This committee prepares REALTORS to assume leadership roles within the Association and the community by equipping participants with the knowledge and skills in subjects including, but not limited to, conducting effective meetings, teamwork, leadership styles and responsibilities, advocacy roles at the local, state and nation levels of government, and the Association's structure and relationship to the state and national levels of the realtor organization.

Chair: Jonathan Scull

Vice Chair: Lynn Peters

Mediation Committee: This committee provides viable dispute resolution as an alternative to arbitration. Meets quarterly.

Chair: Tanner Cribb

Vice Chair: Lynn Peters

Multiple Listing Service Committee: This committee provides oversight of MLS policies, publications and forms. They oversee all computerized services, including the monotoring of the performance standards contained in the MLS contract. Meets monthly.

Chair: Lynn Peters

Vice Chair: Jack Lynch

Military Housing Committee: This committee assists military personnel with securing housing while they are on assignment in Pensacola.

Chair: Nickole McGee

Vice Chair: Andrea Elliot

Professional Development Committee: This committee assists the PAR Director of Professional Development in planning and executing professional development opportunities for REALTOR® and Affiliate members. 

Chair: Tami Harris

Vice Chair: Rebecca DeOliveira

Professional Standards Committee: This committee serves as a hearing panel, conducting hearings on ethics violations and arbitration disputes. In order to service on this committee, you must receive Presidential Appointment. Meets monthly.

Chair: Debra Fall

Vice Chair: Kerrin Kostelic

REALTOR® Commercial Alliance Committee: RCA conducts research and provides CCIM Courses for education. They oversee C/I MLS for REALTORS® with C/I properties in our jurisdiction. Meets monthly.

Chair: Joseph Leccese

Vice Chair: Michael Mangrum

REALTORS® Political Actions Committee: RPAC works to raise funds voluntarily from Association membership for use in issues and for making campaign contributions to REALTOR® recommended candidates at federal, state and local levels. Meets monthly.

Chair: Matt Schall

Vice Chair: Glenn Smith

Young Professionals Network Committee: YPN is a member-driven organization that helps new real estate professionals excel in their careers by giving them the tools and encouragement to become involved in the following core areas: REALTOR® Associations, Real Estate Industry, Peers and Community. Meets monthly.

Chair: Victoria Pitts

Vice Chair: Aaron O'Shea

Immediate Past Chair: Stephanie Dixon

Member at Large: Katie Musick

Pensacola Association of REALTORS®, Inc.

107 West Main Street

Pensacola, FL 32502

Telephone: (850) 434-5507

Fax: (850) 432 - 2615

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