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Commercial Real Estate
  • The Consumer Financial Protection Bureau says it plans to run pilot tests of eClosings over the next 15 months to gauge the benefits to borrowers...

    More than half of U.S. states — as well as more than half of the top 50 metros in the country — saw their housing markets improve in...

    REALTORS® are more upbeat about current conditions in the housing market, but the recent uptick in their optimism may reflect the seasonal...

    New-home sales experienced a double-digit drop in March as tight credit conditions are preventing many first-time buyers and younger families from...

    In several markets, buyers are finding they’re up against multiple bids for a home as bidding wars start to edge up again. Find out which...



    District Summit, May 30, 2014





    Military Relocation Professional (MRP) Certification

    Pensacola Water Safety Day



    FCC Modified Robo Call Rules last Year

    In case you missed it: Sellers and telemarketers must obtain the recipient's signed, written agreement to receive prerecorded automated telemarketing calls, even when there is an established business relationship between the parties, the Federal Communications Commission says in rules it released late last year. In addition, all prerecorded automated telemarketing calls must provide an automated or voice-activated opt-out mechanism so consumers can opt out from the call.

    Fraud Alert!

    There is a current fraud scheme which has been operating in several areas of Florida and which seems to be spreading. The scheme works like this:  (click here to read more)

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