Election Day



2020 Recommended Candidates 

As it has during every election cycle, members of the Pensacola Association of REALTORS® Governmental Affairs Committee recently held candidate interviews for those running for selected local offices in the upcoming elections. Each candidate was given the same amount of time and each were asked the same questions pertaining to issues of interest to Realtors® and the real estate industry. A variety of factors were considered in evaluating the candidates including, but not limited to, their familiarity with, understanding of, and response to Realtor® concerns, electability, previous record of support (in an incumbent), etc. 

Following two days of interviews, the Committee recommended the following candidates receive RPAC funding in support of their campaigns. The PAR Directors subsequently concurred with their recommendations.

ECUA, District 1: Vicki Campbell

ECUA, District 2: Ashley McDonald

ECUA, District 5:  Kevin Stephens

Escambia County Commissioner, District 1: Jeff Bergosh 

Escambia County Commissioner, District 3: LuTimothy May, Jr. 

Escambia County Commissioner, District 5: Steven Barry

Pensacola City Council, District 5: Ron Helms

Pensacola City Council, District 7: Brent Goodman 

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